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06 July 2013 @ 12:52 am

Joanne had help me with the set ups while JW,
(a friend whom I had only met once from online) had offered to take for us a free photoshoot
I dont know what i have done to deserve such great services
so JW helped me to take the casual photos..

While the white gown & evening gown shots with SJ in the coat is taken by Keep Gallery bridal studio
but honestly i prefer the casual photoshoots.
The keep gallery shots disappoint me a little
they are professionals but i dont feel that those photos were impressive

JW Photos

i love this photo cause mochi looks like he's our waiter hehehe

personal photos seems to be more meaningful
but too many photos with fat face & arm angles for the outdoor shoot =S

*More Photos HERE*

Keep Gallery Photos

although their photos didnt impress me..
i was surprised our photo didnt turn out bad
SJ and I are very akward people around people we dont know
and we both totally suck at posing for photos
so they did a good job directing us
(just that not great impact given over all)

photos taken in PD and the sun OMG we couldnt keep our eyes open
i thought that we wouldnt be able to have any open eye shots or no frown shots
cause seriously, the sky is so bright and we really could not open our eyes

half way throught the sky grew very dark and it looked like it was gonna pour any second
and if it does, our whole photoshoot was over
so we rushed and all the photos after these were super rushed

*More Photos HERE*

The video I made here for our Wedding Dinner
(or watch it here)

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23 June 2013 @ 12:18 am

Not super successful surprise bridal party because Joanne actually told me the exact date,
just that they're hiding the details
Fan however manage to lead me off track a little bit
but Laura's lie about "Mochi's feet bleeding come home now!" didnt get to me one bit

didnt matter because it was the best bridal shower i ever had
best also because it was the only one i will have haha

everything is so super pretty !!!
alice and wonderland themed tea party !!!
my friends knows me the best...
haha i told fan NO stripper when she really insisted on it
and no bars cause i dont drink

small bites sandwich and other snacks
fantastic idea

anita made me go up and change into this dress haha
laura and bianca probably planned their dressing ? hahaha
thanks loads to laura who had a huge part planning this gorgeous party

the bridemaids ! <3

nothing says party without balloons hehe

thank you so much everyone
i super love the bridal shower !

love the cute signs and all the details

more importantly, love the company and effort put in

Chen & the gang got me naughty stuffs..
forced me to make a short video with the 'edible bra'
look at the paparazzis
on my other hand.. chen handed me a pack and told me they were candies
and after a while she said to me "cherylllllll why you love holding the condoms ?!?!"

ahemmm !! coz you said they were candies !!!
and lucky i didnt bring them to office !
(packet says honeytime, that's all they said... because they were sweet flavoured condoms)

ivy's special chocolate yogurt on the left
and a shared gift by everyone..
this charles and keith bag i been eyeing on for a long time now
yay !!! happyyy gifts !

cute candy cups and silly chen

buddy fan who did a good job keeping me busy while they decorated the house so quickly
funny thing was that SJ was there to clean up too
but poor SJ was kicked out back to his puchong house...
because they said no guys are allowed in bridal showers haha
junkit is exceptional

anita who lost the game with me haha
we had this game played during our tea time..
where there were a couple of words where we could not say
it resulted a quiet meal...
except for the few chatty ones... who obviously lost
that includes me
the words we could not mention were Cheryl, SiewJin, Bride (i forgot the other few)

lovely deco

delicious nedeje crepe cake
mochi loves sniffing
good boy not actually stealing food off the table

the gang made some hand craft cards for me

they're all so interesting and lovely

i love every single one of them !

i had a super time

SJ came back after the party ended
love this family photo hehe

made SJ wear the crown haha

Funny mochi clueless with the floating balloons around him hehehe
*More Photos HERE*

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